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Using MagicSheets, you can construct, train, validate and use your model in exactly as little as 10 seconds.

Video tutorial

Step-by-step intro

Open The Add-On

Click on Add-Ons » MagicSheets » MagicSheets to open the addon.

Video tutorial

Or click on this link.

Step-by-step intro

Let’s say we have the following dataset concerning the budget we commit for marketing through different channels, and related monthly number of unique visitors (UV) to our website. The blue numbers are historical figures, while we will be wanting to predict the UV for our new budget in the bottom red row.

See how

  • At the top, select if you want to predict a number or a class. (Read this if this step is unclear.)

See how

  • Select (highlight) all your data used for predictions. This should include the empty cells where you would like the prediction to appear.


  • Press the “grid button” next to “My data is in…”


  • Select (highlight) only the cells where you would like the output to appear.


  • Press the “grid button” next to “My output belongs in…”


  • Select the algorithm you would like to use.


  • Press the Predict button at the bottom


  • Your predictions will appear in the “output” cells. You can read off the algorithm score in the score field. (Read more about scores…)


Easy, right?